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IT Consulting
& Services

We offer 3 decades fo I.T. Certified Technicians on staff, with the very latest Specialized Cyber Security Experts in the industry available, and on call.  Special Data Recovery Services available , including Forensic Services when required.

Our Services

Our Servuces
Cloud Solutions

We have certified Cloud professionals on staff to assist with design, securing and maintaining cloud space.

Cloud Desktop

Cloud desktop has become a priority with the Covid-19 virus having folks all have to work from home. 

Managed IT Services

South Texas Data Recovery is second to non in the I.T. Managed services arena, 

Network Solutions

Wireless or wired networks not a task for us here at SoTxDr. We do this all the time, and would like to be of serice to your organization. 

Disaster Recovery



Quick Turnaround, Local Service located in the heart of SouthTexas in San Antonio. With only the best of the best on staff with years of recovery expetice from fire to water damage our success rate fpeaks for itself. 

Support Consulting

From our experienced staff of over 30 years experience, allows us to remedy your  I.T. issues quickly, 


“Great service from a friendly knowledgeaeble service group is wonderful. Finally a group of folks that don't treat you like you don't know what you are doing. We appreciate that"

Kurt Rbuggman

VP of Operations


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